We Have Forty Four Forevermore!

At long last, and thanks to Prof. Robert Slayton, we have recovered the fabled school song of David Farragut Junior High School (JHS 44, The Bronx). Here for your listening pleasure are the lyrics, as well as an mp3 of yours truly singing them. My first attempt features my voice cracking, but I will re-record it with 100 piece orchestra as soon as I re-assemble the school band.

Let’s give a cheer for dear old forty-four
For all the boys and girls who’ve gone before
Let’s cheer the green and white
And shout with all our might for David Farragut!
He won the battle at Mobile that day,
He sailed the Union fleet right up the bay,
He dared torpedoes in that bay,
And blasted forts along the way,
He saved the Union fleet that day!
Dear “Old Salamander”
We praise thy name,
Our hearts with love aflame,
Honor thy great name.
Though soon we will graduate,
Our love ne’er will wane,
Though we may wander far,
Our thoughts will return again.
So here’s a toast to dear old forty-four,
To Salamander’s part in navy lore,
And to his flaming spirit claim,
We’ll add more glory to his name,

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