New Year’s Day

A quiet day for us. Our original plans were for another try at Yaffo, but we wound up waiting for Israel Phones to deliver a new cell phone to us as our first phone no longer can produce a ring. After about four hours a messenger showed up with the new phone. I suggested to Terri that she test the phone. Sure enough, the new phone was actually worse than the old one. The old one wouldn’t ring, but the new one didn’t work at all. So we sent the messenger away with the new phone and a new round of complaining to the phone company ensued. Purportedly we will receive yet another phone on Sunday and they will arrange for us to be the last delivery so we can be out and about on the day without wasting the whole day waiting.

While Terri awaited the phone, I took a stroll down ibn G’virol and decided to take a haircut (as they say in New York). My first try was at “Figaro” where the proprietor informed me in exaggerated motions I would have to wait for “hours” since he was booked up. So I continued down the street where I found “Robert” (French pronunciation) who looked a bit like Sully (Joe Lando) in Dr Quinn Medicine Woman (don’t ask me how I know this). I told Robert to take off 2 centimeters but perhaps I said something wrong as he left me with 2 centimeters instead. Israeli barbers still use a razor to clean the neck and although it will be a little difficult for my family to get used to me with this little hair, I wasn’t at all disappointed with the experience.

After the phone kerfufle we did something we haven’t had much time for–taking naps.

After much needed rest we headed for our Conservative shtibl on Bograshov St (Congregation Sinai). Services were very pleasant and we already feel like we belong there. We decided to honor the spirit of the day and make up for lost steps by walking the 2.5 miles back to our apartment. Despite the telephone kerfufle, it was a very nice day!

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