Jerusalem 12/27/09

I’m actually writing this in the lobby of the Inbar Hotel in Arad on the 28th. Just to create a few notes about the past 24 hours or so.

We spent the 27th in Jerusalem. We arrived via Sheirut, walked to the Damascus Gate and bought the “combo pass” to the Roman underground, Ramparts walk, and the Davidson Center Archaeological Park. The Roman underground was probably more interesting for me than Ephy or Terri, but the Ramparts walk was fun for all and the Davidson Center was a hit for everyone. I got some fantastic photos of the southwestern and southern temple mount enclosure walls (some to be posted later). Terri pronounced this the most emotionally moving and satisfying part of our journey’s thus far, and we overheard Ephy telling his friends that it was “very cool.”

We were left with a few hours before the Young Judaea gala dinner. Terri was fascinated with the idea of seeing Mea Shearim, so she purchased a skirt and kerchief in the Old City and we took a cab to the district. Along the way I picked up a nice but overpriced kippah. We had our stroll (signs posted everywhere telling us we weren’t wanted) and then after striking off in the wrong direction, took a cab to the central mall where Ephy ran into a bunch of his friends. We stayed there sipping coffee until it was time for the dinner, and then it was off to a wonderful evening of entertainment.

The meal was in a restaurant called “Tajin” in the Talpiot district. The restaurant serves Moroccan style food and I don’t think I’ve ever been served so much food at one meal. It started with salad courses, then appetizers including meat pastries, then a meat dish of some sort which I thought was the main dish. Nope. After that, they served the best couscous I have ever tasted, seasoned rice and skewers of shish-kabob. Throughout the evening a talented Israeli singer provided various Israeli hit tunes, folk music and dance music with the usual eruptions of line dancing. There were more courses of food to come, but unfortunately we had to get back to Tel Aviv, so we took our leave a little early.

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