David Farragut Junior High School (JHS 44) Bronx, New York

Note: A few extra notes and corrections as a result of correspondence with several alumni of JHS 44: Mitch Turbin, Rob Slayton and Larry Pryluck.

Due to a family move between the 8th and 9th grades, I attended two Junior High Schools. My 7th and 8th grades were located within the ancient (19th century) halls of Junior High School 44 which had taken the name of David Farragut, America’s first Rear Admiral and a hero of both the War of 1812 (having enlisted at the age of 12!) and the Civil War. Those of us in the Bronx didn’t know much about New Orleans, so the tales of David Farragut were my first introduction to that exotic place.


Much to the chagrin of the school, its most famous graduate was Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin of President of John F. Kennedy. Most of us who lived through that event recall exactly where we were at the moment we heard the news. I was in JHS 44’s Wood Shop when the announcement came over the school speaker. I think we went home early that day, although I don’t recall that clearly. Some time later I noticed that one of the names carved into a desk where I sat was Lee Oswald. It may have been the prank of one of my contemporaries, who knows.

If I remember correctly, the school had two graduates more worthy of recall. Dr. Jonas Salk, the inventor of the Polio vaccine, and Hank Greenberg, a rare example of a Jewish major league baseball player.

On a visit to New York City a few years ago, I found myself close enough to 44 to take a walk over and see how the old building was faring. I was surprised (actually) to see that it was still in operation, but it is now an elementary school, grades K-6. It was a little sad. Not exactly my fondest memories to begin with, no one seemed to have the remotest interest in talking about the school’s former glories. So I left without much to show for my interest other than the dying embers of a few more synapses. It turns out that JHS 44 was at least in part an elementary (K-6) school even in my day. Larry Pryluck actually attended K-1 there. I don’t know how many other schools were like this in New York City, combining the youngest school children with middle schoolers, but it would be interesting to discover. Larry then joined me in Mrs. Mitchell’s 2nd grade class at PS 92.

Larry reminded me of another of JHS 44’s distinctions, although it was hardly a credit to the school so much as the neighborhood. Strange as it may seem now, that crumbling part of the Bronx was home to a televsion studio-Biograph Studios. Biograph was the home of Naked City and Car 54 Where Are You? Naked City was a bit before my time, but I remember Car 54 very well. The cast included Joe E. Ross, Fred Gwynn, Al Lewis and Nipsey Russell (!). I don’t know how often these guys were seen around the neighborhood, but a few of my family were in the background of scenes shot on Southern Boulevard. Naked City is easily available at this time, but unfortunately Car 54 is out of print as I write this. There is a movie by the same name, but it has the distinction of being rated the worst film since Ed Wood’s Plan 9 From Outer Space so I wouldn’t recommend it.

David Farragut JHS had a somewhat well-known school song which celebrated its namesake. Although just about every High School has a school song, Junior High songs are not common, and good ones are rare. JHS 44 had had a good music teacher who came up with a song I’d bet would be a candidate for “best in show”. The one time that Google has failed me in recent years is the time that I put in some of the words expecting to find that one of my classmates or teachers had uploaded the words to the song, but nothing turned up. There are gaps in what I recall, so here’s my first attempt. If others can help me fill in the gaps, I’d post a music file to preserve this little memory of a Bronx backwater.

Lets give a cheer for dear old 44

For all the boys and girls who’ve gone before

Lets cheer the green and white

And shout with all our might

For David Farragut!


He sailed the Union fleet right up the bay

He won the battle at Mobile that day


Dear Old Salamander

We praise thy name

Our hearts with love aflame [maybe]

Honor thy great name

Though soon we will graduate

[more gap]

JHS44 in 2010

PS 44 (No longer JHS!) in 2010

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  1. Hi admin,
    Isn’t this the “official place” to record memories of 44? Thank you for running this site. Even though I haven’t connected with people who graduated in 1958, I still enjoy reading all about P.S. 44 and reading all the “tidbits”.

  2. Thanks for sharing these tidbits. It saddens me that there is no official place to record the memories of these places that made such deep impressions on us.

  3. I made a mistake on the last entry indicating that I finished the 9th grade in 1953, actually it was 1950. I graduated from high school in 53 and then went onto to Pratt and graduated in 1957.
    Something else occurred when I was in the 7th grade that I forgot to mention.
    I was a monitor and watched the kinder-garden kids in the auditorium before school started. They would come in from the yard stair and i would keep them there until one of the teachers arrived. One day, I smelled smoke and because i am curious, found that there was a fire in the clothing closet in the kinder-garden classroom on the other end of the building. At the time, I had about 10 children in the auditorium. I quickly took them outside into the yard, asked someone there to watch them and ran back into the building to the office. I ran right into Mr. Meyerwitz who was the assistant principal. He pulled the alarm, the fire was put out by the NYFD and believe it or not, we actually went to school that day.

    Later in the day, an older boy came into the classroom I was in and gave the teacher a note. The note was from Mrs. Taub, the principal at the time. I was to go to her office. When I got to the office, there were two policemen there and they spent over an hour talking to me about the fire. I think they thought I started it.

    As I write, other things come to mind. This involved Mrs. Taub, but it occurred a year after I graduated from 44. This was during June of 1951. My high school was having a end of year field day in Central Park on the upper west side of NYC. When we got out of the subway, we walked in the wrong direction having seen trees that were actually from the West Side Drive and thinking that was the park. As we went down the block, this woman comes out of the building and falls down the front stoop steps onto her face to the sidewalk. We ran over to help her and it turned out to be Mrs. Taub. Coincidently she recognized me and one of the other friends and she immediately with a bruised face asked us,
    “Why are you kids out of school?” At the same time, another woman came out of the building and she took over to aid Mrs. Taub. She wasn’t badly hurt, but we laughed all day long after that incident. I also told Mr. Umlas who was Mrs. Umlas’ husband and also the vice principal of my high school. He had a good laugh as well.

  4. To Jerry Waldman,
    Hi Jerry, we have never met, I graduated from 44 in 1953 and went to the School of Industrial Arts in Manhattan. As it turned out, Mr. Umlas was the assistant principal at the school………..a small world. I grew up on 176th street and Crotona Avenue. I had some family members who lived on Fairmount Place, but they were much older than you.

    After high school, I went to Pratt in Brooklyn and graduated in 1957 then into the National Guard for 6 months of active duty. Had many positions and then started my own architectural firm in NJ and now employ 60 people. Both sons are taking over and I will be really slowing down at the end of this year..

  5. Hi Nancy ,
    I was wondering if I could possibly chat with you and see if you have a picture of my long lost grandfather who graduated I think in 58 or 59 His name is William Gonzalez. I have never even seen a picture of him and have limited info. This would mean more than you could ever know. My email address is aschmansky@aol.com Any info is appreciated. Thank you

  6. I went to #44 from 1953to 1955. I went to Central Commercial HS in Manhattan on 42nd St.and 3rd Ave. it’s no longer there. Tore it down and built a hotel.
    I remember Evelyn Byrne, Gordon Blum, Mrs Drill, Mrs. Pashalides taught Spanish at #44. Went to school with Beverly Bellis, Elia Gutierrez, Carol Benson. Loved Mr. Blum’s sense of humor. He got married during those years. I often wonder what happened to those teachers; how long did they teach there and where did they move on to. I think the Principal was Mr. Balser. Good memories!

  7. My Mother went to Farragut Jr HS in the mid 30’s Evelyn Berkowitz anyone have the school records?

  8. Hi Marvin Jarmel,

    I’m Jerry Waldman and graduated 44 in 1958, a few years after you did. I enjoyed reading your post. For one thing I had Mrs Umlas for French and you’re right about her being a good teacher and a very fine person. She and her husband had/ran a summer camp in the Adirondacks that I went to as a camper/waiter for two summers. A great place.

    So, you’re designing apartments on Arthur Ave. Something to be said for the Buddhist circle of life. I grew up on Fairmount Place and Marmion Ave.

    I did post two other messages on this site mentioning other kids and teachers that I knew.

    Thanks Marvin and best regards,


  9. I attended JHS 44 from kindergarten through the 2nd grade, then transferred over to PS 92 through the 6th grade. After that, I came back to JHS 44 and went from the 7th grade through the 9th grade. My homeroom teacher in the 9th grade was Mrs. Gwendilin Umlas……..she also taught French. She was a wonderful teacher and a fine lady as well. From here I went on to the school of Industrial Art in Manhattan where I found Mrs. Umlas’ husband was the assistant principal. My name at the time was Marvin Jarmolowsky and I changed it to Jarmel just before graduating from Pratt.
    I believe that another person named Billie Rose also attended JHS 44. He opened a club called the Diamond Horseshoe in NYC.
    I finished the 9th grade in June of 1950 and went on to the school of Industrial Art, after high school, I attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and spent several hours a day on the subway commuting from the Bronx to Brooklyn and back.
    I have vivid memories of the school and neighborhood. I now have an architectural and engineering firm in NJ and believe it or not, we are designing new apartment buildings that are going to be built along Arthur Avenue and also one at the eastern end of Gun Hill Road.
    It has been awhile since I toured the streets, but I think if we ever have a nice, warm weekend this spring season, I just might make the journey.

  10. Hi Nancy Ferranti R,
    We went to 44 at the same time as you did. And you have all three yearbooks! Wow!
    I’m Jerry Waldman and I’m here with Chuck Strouchler and we couldn’t remember you. Sorry. I wish we could meet up some place and look at the yearbooks. Of course I would wear gloves. Chuck and I graduated in ’58 and we hung around with Marvin Rosen, Mike Sternberg, Joyce Miller, Rhoda Chamsky, Harriet Kittover, Larry Moss, Arthur Goldstein, Eugene Rondino and others. Some of the names above must be in the ’58 yearbook and pardon all the misspellings.
    We have a post above that we wrote on July 8th, 2016 listing some teachers and a few memories. I wonder if you saw it. Most of the other posts here are either before us or after us, so, it’s nice to be able to connect with you and hope with can do it more often.
    Thank you and regards,
    Chuck and Jerry

  11. Went to 44 grades 1 & 2 then off to PS 61 for grades 3-6. Then back to 44 for 7 thru 9. Was in the SP’s. Graduated Jan. 1950 and went to Haaren H.S. then Hunter College and Brooklyn Poly Tech. Used to roam around the Studio bldg on 175 St. Just up the block from where I lived. Retired and living in Las Vegas.

  12. Hello Patrick. I wonder whether “Mrs Werblow” was any relation to Mr. Werblow, my Chemistry teacher at Bx H.S. of Science. Small world!

  13. I came to the US in 1964 at the age of 10. I attended PS 92 and started JHS 44 in 1965. I was there until 1967 then I moved to Queens.
    Mrs Werblow, the assistant principal, got me involved with the Upward Bound program where I was a student for 4 years.

    Mrs Drill, great science teacher, Mrs Cunningham, art, Mr Sallzman and Mrs Terach taught me about classical music. I had great time at 44

  14. Hello Nancy. Nice to add all this detail! I still plan to create a Web site for our school, but it will have to wait until I get a few other projects through the hopper.

  15. I was there 7th 8th 9th grades graduated June 1958 I have the yearbooks for the 3 years I was in the school..Prin Dooley and Asst Prin StRk. I became. NYC Bd of ed supervisor . in my second school assignment I was cleaning out a closet 5ha5 was for my us3 @nd found a school newspaper that featured mr. stark who finished his career art th3 school of my new assignment. Also in the Bronx. I wrote h8. He answered me and was delighted I went into edu . He died ffew m9nths later from cancer. I was so surprised to find that newsletter and glad I had the opportunity to thank him for his service. Nancy Ferranti R

  16. Hello Susan. I was in the class of ’66 although I moved to a different school for my senior year. Good luck linking up with others!

  17. Graduated 44 in 1966 looking for other 66 grads. Also a list of some of the teachers and classes as I lost my yearbook years ago.

  18. Of course all “foodies” know that Fox’s U-Bet is crappy chocolate, but just try to make a great egg cream with something else! 🙂

  19. Hi again, seems my previous chat had the date I attended wrong (must be an age thing) but I attended 57-60 and went to Dodge Voc HS just off Southern Blvd.
    Jack you mentioned egg-creams and they were also my favorite, in fact I worked after school at the Jack’s candy store while attending Dodge. I made a mean egg-cream while also serving “2 cents plains” (just seltzer water). In the evening, his Mike use to mind the Store. all good memories. thanks again for setting up the chat site.

  20. Unfortunately, New York City did not keep any of the materials of this sort from JHS 44 and the school itself ceased to exist as a JHS–becoming an Elementary School. I’ve inquired about yearbooks. A friend found a yearbook from an earlier date than you are requesting which is how I was able to post the complete lyrics to the school song. Perhaps someone else might find this site and be able to help you.

  21. Hello, I went to JHS 44 from 1966 to 1968 then on to Dewitt Clinton in 1968. One of my biggest regrets is that I lost my 1968 Farragut Yearbook. I have searched forever, unsuccessfully. I would even love to see a photo copy or PDF. I have tried many internet sites that sell yearbooks unsuccessfully. Is there anyone who has a copy or knows where I can get one? I would be forever grateful. I loved my time, classmates and teachers and would love the yearbook as an assist to remember thinks lost in my 64 year old brain fog. Thanks

  22. I lived across the street from Jack’s Candy Store. Egg creams were a specialty, and I bought all my comic books there.

    Jack Love

  23. Hi All,
    Just came across this site yesterday while looking up my “old” days in the Bronx.
    I graduated from JHS44 in 1957. All good memories that is if I can remember them. Had to open up the year-book the “Admiral” to refresh my mind. Mr. Dooley was principle. Too many good teachers to name some but all had influenced me in a positive way. Also many good friends and Joe Wolak who I had lunch with often.
    We lived on Mapes avenue with a “Jacks” corner Candy store on 179th St & Mapes, which I use to hang out after school. Even had Dion and the Belmonts come a sing for us as Carlos the base use to live in the corner apartment building above the store.
    Searching that location shows buildings I new was replaced by others… which then took my search to JHS44. Glad I found it.
    Best to all and will welcome contacts from classmates.

  24. Hi Thomas. Delighted you dropped by. I can explain one mystery–you happened on this site more than likely because you used a search engine to find stuff about JHS 44 and this is one of the few places on the Internet set up for it! JHS 44 converted to all-elementary not long after our time there (and apparently we attended at the same time or at least overlapped), and long before the Internet became a “thing.” So sadly, we will likely be just a memory-collection spot as we move through life. If you continue looking, you’ll find that we did succeed in locating all the lyrics, and I even posted my version of singing it. 🙂

    Be well, and enjoy life!

    Jack Love

  25. Tom Pilsbury – Student – 1961 -1964 (?) Not really sure. Anyway, it was the early ’60s.

    Can’t really say how or why I happened upon this site but I’m really surprised to see how many folks from my era are posting here. So here’s my story:

    Class #s 7-8, 8-5, 9-4 Teachers names I remember: Mr. Losak, Mr. Rutkin, Mr. Wilson, Ms. Prager, Ms. Stern, Mrs. O’hare, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Bolough, Mr. Gerty, Mr. Rubenstein, Mr. Pallochelli, Mr. Uzzi. Apologies to any I missed and most humble apologies to those to whom my classmates and I gave the most grief. Man o man, we were terrible students. Spitballs, paper airplanes, animal noises, general horsing around. Poor Mr. Losak got it the worst because he looked just like a comedic actor who did a commercial for “Chunky” candy bars. (What a chunk o chocolate!) We used to leave Chunky candy wrappers on his desk before class.

    And to address the school song: The music teacher, whose name i can’t remember, claimed to have written it during the time I attended 44. The one line we all loved was “He dared torpedos in the bay. And blasted forts along the way.” Yeah, right! Blasted FORTS! Ha! Ha! Ha! You know what WE sang. Hey, when you’re 13 years old it was hilarious!

    JFK: I was in Mrs. Stern’s science class on the 4th floor when a student came in and announced that President Kennedy had been shot. We all thought he was kidding, trying to be funny, but there was an uneasy feeling about it so when I got home I immediately turned on the TV and saw the terrible news. In the next few days it was revealed that Oswald was a former student at #44 about 10 years or so earlier. Which probably accounts for all the LHO graffiti that suddenly appeared afterwards. (Not that I had anything to do with it. Heh, heh, heh!)

    Classmates (Partners in crime) I remember: Henry Stroh, Frank Luciano, Mike Cerrone, David Bailes, Steven Burke, Walter Perrino, Miguel “Lefty” Perez, Richard Fuller, Joel Rubenstein, Ruben Lilly. There are also a number of ladies who have probably gone through one or more name changes in the last 50+ years, but there will always be a special place in my heart for Christine C.

    After leaving 44 I attended DeWitt Clinton HS, then went on to the US Navy from ’68 – ’72, moved to Chicago and have been here ever since. The days are getting short now, but the memories will last till the end.

    Enjoy life!

  26. I attended for only one semester from Sept. 1954 to December 1954 and then we moved to Suffolk County on Long Island. My elementary school was PS 92. I remember Gail Sadaka but can’t remember any other names.

  27. I attended PS 92 1946- 1952 then JHS 44 from 1952-1954. Went on to Bronxx Science and CCNY. Currently live in Sugar Land TX but lived on Belmont Ave then. Any former school mates out there.. I am owner of a chemical company with my wife Christie.

  28. I’m looking for my friend, Julie Morales. It had to be around 1960-61 when I attended JHS 44. Those were rough days.

  29. Hi Susan. People slowly but surely seem to find this little blog article of mine. You may hear from someone, but best just to read through the comments and see if anyone posted who is from your period of the school’s history.

    Happy holidays!

    — Jack Love

  30. I also graduated junior high at 44 in June l966. Lost my yearbook many years ago loosing many memories of names. Can someone list some of the teachers. I may have had mrs Riggs for earth science in the sp program.

  31. I went to PS 44 from September 1956 through June 1958. I never realized that Lee Harvey Oswald went to PS 44; if true, what an albatross around the school’s neck.
    What I remember about that period was the start of Rock n Roll. We had Rock’s National Anthem, Rock around the Clock, premiere in the movie, Blackboard Jungle. We had the transistor radio and the Alan Freed Show on radio. We had the Alan Freed Rock n Roll Movie with Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers who would visit individual Movie theaters with Alan Freed’s first movie and sing live when it was over. So great!!!
    But the Best was to have the neighbor singers,Dion and the Belmonts, climbing the Music Charts and return of Alan Freed. Mr. Freed was secretly filming his next Rock Movie at the Gold Metal and then threw a Block Party. It seem the students found singer Teddy Randazzo’s Red an White DeSoto and carved their names into his car. Alan promised,on the radio, that if the neighborhood kids would leave the personal property of the singers alone, he would have a block party in two weeks. Besides Good Humor ice cream and soda, he had the singers perform on the balcony of the second floor. Super Great!
    Alan Freed faded away to be replaced by Murray the K and Rock and Roll Shows at the Brooklyn Paramont. The Bronx really Rocked in those few years. I left PS44 in 1958 to go to Cardinal Hayes HS, Vietnam, and graduated Baruch College.

  32. I graduated from JHS 44 in June, 1969. I also went there for kindergarten and first grade. In Sept, 1961the powers that be made 44 a junior h.s. I went to PS 92 for 4th-6th grades. Mrs. Fedi was my 6th grade teacher. She was great.
    Back to JHS 44, Mr. Alliota was my Spanish teacher for 3 years. On my first day in his class he said, “if you’re anything like your sister, you’re okay.” My sister graduated in ’66. She was his favorite. Mr. Culhane was great for phys. ed. He played football after school with everyone in the neighborhood. Good times. Lots more to say, but some other time.

  33. Thank you Loves for starting this web site. Like everyone else here, it has opened a floodgate of memories. I’m Jerry Waldman and am here with Chuck Strouchler. We both attended ’56-’59. We hung around with Marvin Rosen, Harriet Kitover, Mike Sternberg, Dorothy Weinstock, Rhoda Chamsky, Larry Gingold and Joyce Miller.
    Some highlights – On the first day of a class with Mrs Thompson, who was going to teach us boys how to sew, Nicky Kandanis (who looked like he was nineteen years old) walked up to her to shake her hand. He started to squeeze her hand real hard and she gave him a judo flip that sent him half way across the room. She never had trouble with us boys for the rest of the year. At the end of that year we modeled the shirts we made on the stage in the auditorium.
    Mrs. Heit who told us ,”This year we will be reading Shakespeare.” The boos and jeers were loud from the back of the room, but in two weeks she had us enraptured with Julius Caesar and left everyone with a fondness for Shakespeare that would mature in later years.
    Mr. Blum, who would say, “You better not leave out the “l” when you spell my name”.) We didn’t have him for math , but in PE he gave the boys one nasty noogi.
    He was also famous for the “Tis Bottle” joke.
    Who could forget Mrs. Grossman who gave us a love of music, especially Gilbert and Sullivan who I still listen to today.
    Alan Mandel, I remember you and Beverly Kirshner, you’re Chuck’s cousin and he says “hi.” Cary Kaplan, chuck thinks you lived in his building.
    Thank you all for the memories,
    Chuck and Jerry

  34. wow, I really enjoyed reading this. I went to JHS 44 from 1959/1960 until 1960/1961. I was in the SP’s and was originally supposed to go to Herman Ritter, JHS 98; but they did not have to SP program or else it was too full(not sure)…I remember my Science Teacher Mrs. Riggs and I loved her dearly. I also remember the “Gold Medal Studios”. We used to watch them film Car 54 on our way home. I remember Fred Gwynn and Joe E Ross. One day my friend Donna and I stopped to talk to them. She wanted an autograph but for some reason, we didn’t have any paper with us. She picked up a piece of torn cardboard off the street and handed it to them with a pen. They both signed it, with Fred Gwynn writing on it..”tell your mother to use Beacon Wax”. Looking at it, I am not sure if that was a hint for clean paper, or pure American advertising

  35. Amazing that you remember all this! I’m glad if this web site triggered pleasant memories.
    — Jack Love

  36. How great it is to find a bunch of guys and gals who went to Junior High 44. I graduated June of 1941. I found my David G Farraget graduation album with l;ots of picture, and well wishes when Mr. Scoppa was Principal. My graduating homeroom teacher was Mr. Martin J. Glicksberg and I graduated June 24, 1941.

    I still have friends living here in Boynton Beach, Florida who graduated with me, including Helen Mallin (now Haas) Lillian Diamond (now Yormark) . Marvin Horowitz and Jack Bernstein who are both alumni, graduated the same time.

    I lived on 176th street and Marmion and Past the Old Biograf Movie Studios when I waled to and from school. I believe the studio is still there. I believe my building was also a victim of the Cross Bronx expressway.

    I did a lot of singing in those days and was the Class President.
    Miriam Ginsburg was the Vice President, and Vera Berg was the Secretary, with Lillian Diamond being the Treasurer. Class of June 41.

    I would appreciate anyone from those days or any other writing – thanks for creating this site!

  37. Gwen: I don’t think I had you in any of my Spanish classes in those years. Do you remember some of the names of your teachers while you were at 44?

  38. Mr. Koski, I attended JHS 44 from 1969 and graduated in 1972.
    Name was Kenley at that time.

  39. Thanks! Pretty sure our principle spelled his name the Italian way–Ciccetti. Not sure of the number of t’s. 🙂

  40. Graduate of ’66 from JHS44 wanting to thank you on behalf of many long lost classmates whom surely like myself have spent countless hours/days/years seaching.
    Found your (what I believe to be) most recent page with complete song and possibilties to, maybe, reconnect with friends. Thank you.

    Wanted to add if anyone remembers bulletin board by Mr Chicetti’s (principal) office with ship (made from construction paper I think) for students with perfect attendance.
    3 years and you would get rank of admiral. Also Farragut Log when one April fools joke was the escape of Mrs Riggs snake…uff. Aaaand, schedule, floors and flavors water fountains would serve soda…pffff
    Yup, I’m truly grateful recalling how hard I practiced for talent show with friends, Alba and Mary as Diana Ross & Supremes (note: tried hard, haha)
    So many memories unfolding, some good some bad. All lessons….most definitly will keep site under favorites.

  41. Michael, I hope you can reconnect with some of your old students! Thanks for the contribution and glad to hear you have had a successful career.

  42. I started my teaching career in 1969 at 44 as a Spanish teacher. In 1973 the student body moved to the new Lorraine Hansberry IS 167 in West Farms and 44 converted back to an elementary school. I have yearbooks from 1969-1973. I retired from the school system in 2002 and now am a psychologist and Psychology professor. The principal at that time was Martin Roberts and the Assistant Principals were John Ryan and Beatrice Mangin. If there are any of you out there who might have had me for Spanish give me a shoutout at Mjk38@columbia.edu.

  43. I attended JHS 44 (Farragut Junior High) from September ’53 to June ’55. I was an “SP” kid and finished grades 7-9 in two years. Mrs. Drill taught math and science and Ms. Byrne taught English and Social Studies.

  44. email address jherzb4569@aol looking for anyone 1952-1955JHS44

  45. I went to JHS44 1952-1955 Does anyone remember PEANUTS best friend was
    TITO hector vazquez we use to play ping pong in the morning

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